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Custom Composite Product Design

Prototype + Production
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Composite Engineering offers a full suite of composite products and services to help build your products. Whether it’s a simple tube or a very complex, highly engineered structure, we have the experience and engineering background to complete your projects

We can assist with concept, design, material selection, product design and analysis, engineering drawings and documentation, 3D solids, design of prototypes to full production models, analysis, manufacturing process selection, tooling, and fixture design, bonding, assembly, and even the design of experiments to complete product qualification.

Product Overview

Catia V-5 CPE and 3D experience Composite Work Benches  – Composites Design 3 (CPE) is an advanced composites process centric solution that allows manufacturers, from aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding or consumer goods companies, to reduce the time needed to design composites parts. It delivers tools to cover both the preliminary and detailed design phases while taking into account, even at the concept stage, the product’s requirements for its manufacturability.

Thanks to powerful synchronisation mechanisms CPE is the essential link between engineering design and physical manufacturing and allows manufacturing designers to closely collaborate with engineering designers. Catia V-5 CPE and 3D experience Composite Work Benches – Composites Design 3 (CPE) uniquely delivers a powerful composites design solution with all the advantages of the CATIA V5 architecture: native integration, pervasive knowledge ware capabilities, and CATIA V5’s ease-of-use.

Product Highlights

Preliminary Design

  • Easy-to-use zone (geometry and laminate)and transition zones modeling definition
  • Solid and top surface generation from zones for early 3D representation
  • Automatic ply generation including ply staggering with stacking rules

Engineering Detailed Design

  • Easy acces to material properties and attributes
  • Powerful ply modeling tools (dedicated ply modification 3D features),
  • Exact solid generation from plies for digital mock-up review
  • Complete Composites Inspection tools (for instance core sample and numerical analysis, plie table..)
  • Producibility analysis tools embedding manufacturing contraints early in the design phase

Manufacturing Detailed Design

  • Dedicated manufacturing part modeling capabilities such as manufacturing shell swapping and material excess definition and 3D multi splice
  • Accurate fiber behavior simulation
  • Automatic flatten geometry creation
  • Effective manufacturing export capabilities and automatic shop floor documentation
  • Powerful synchronization/collaboration mechanisms with engineering detailed design



The social collaboration, enterprise management and dashboarding capabilities of the
3DEXPERIENCE Platform can be used to support processes using the V5-6R2016 toolset.


Composite materials bring forth many new possibilities and high-performance products. Designers need dedicated tools in order to fully benefit from the potential that composites offer. A global environment requires trouble-free collaboration for designers who need to take composite manufacturing specifications into account early on.

The CATIA – Composites Design option provides engineers with a collaborative and completely CATIA-integrated environment to rapidly create innovative composite parts for the aerospace, automotive, and shipbuilding industries. By enabling designers to work concurrently on the same design and to embed composites manufacturing constraints earlier in the conceptual stage, this option drastically shortens design time.


  • Fully integrated in the V5 environment
  • Shortened composite part design time period (up to ten times faster)
  • Fast plies generation from zones (automatic management of the ply staggering and stacking rules)
  • Take into account manufacturing constraints early in the design phase
  • True collaborative composites engineering environment enabling designers to work concurrently
  • Grid approach brings significant productivity gains as well as quality improvement


  • Easy to use zone (geometry and laminate) and transition zones modeling definition
  • Powerful ply modeling tools based on 3D features
  • Complex geometrical configuration support (Monolithic and core stiffened panel, stiffeners, stringers)
  • Solid generation from zones and plies (exact solid)
  • Complete composites inspection tools (core sample and numerical analysis, ply table..)
  • Best-in-class fiber simulation tools for early maneuverability assessment
  • New grid design approach “in context” for composite process


This option contains:

CATIA–Composite Engineering 2

CATIA – Generative Shape Design 2


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